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Tow charger

Tow charger kit

Many caravanners want to enjoy the freedom of the road and engage in ‘Wild side’ camping, however this usually means you need to rough as your favourite electrical products simply cannot be used as much as you want, and so, you find yourself being restricted to caravan parks having to go from site to site to get to a 230V hook up to charge the batteries, or you carry a portable generator around to run all day to keep the batteries fully charged to keep the kids happy, with the tow charger they can do all this while moving about from area to area. As little as a 30 minute drive can replace an average daily usage of the batteries, or why not take full advantage of this type of product and beef up your battery banks and add an inverter for a hair dryer or microwave, all fully possible with this product.

Description Part number
45A Full Tow kit Battery to Battery charger (inc 1 metre cables) Tk1
Tow Kit Battery to Battery charger Remote Control (optional) Tk1r
Extra 50A quick release 50A connectors set ( 2 units ) Qr50

Combined Battery to Battery Charger, MPPT Solar Regulator and Twin Solar Output

The Wildside range is a unique total package integrating the best MPPT solar regulator with a Sterling Battery to Battery Charger ensuring not only the maximum charge into your batteries when mobile (Battery to Battery charger) but harvesting the maximum power from your solar cells when stationary. Where required, both power sources will also seamlessly integrate when the total power can be used with extremely low quiescent current. Other benefits include the fact that the solar cell is diverted from the engine battery bank (when full) to your secondary battery bank with the engine battery set as the priority (not applicable if fitted to a caravan), also if there is a battery charger on your secondary battery bank it will also charger your primary battery bank through the system. It is also extremely easy to install and set up. This unit has all the battery type selection and adjustments as per the standard batt. to batt. and MPPT solar regs.

Remote control features  

  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter (in and out)
  • Alarm buzzer (with ability to isolate)
  • Background light
  • Background light changes colour for different events i.e charging, discharging, warning, etc
Voltage Continuous Current Quiescent Current mA Recommended cell power W Battery Bank size (domestic) Size Weight Part number
12 V 16 amps 1 ma 250 + up to 150 Ah 145 x 110 x 120 0.8kg WS1216
12 V 30 amps 1 ma 450 + up to 300 Ah 145 x 110 x 120 0.8kg WS1230
12 V 60 amps 1 ma 800 + up to 600 Ah TBA TBA WS1260
12 V 100 amps 1 ma 1400 + up to 1000 Ah+ TBA TBA WS12100
Remote control         hole diameter: 50 mm   RWS

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