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Waterproof Battery to Battery Charger

Available April 2011

Waterproof Battery to Battery ChargerBattery to Battery Charger – waterproof and saltwater tested to IP68

This new next generation compact model incorporates IP68 (full waterproof) for the main product, however, the fan is external to the product and is not IP68. In the unlikely event the product gets completely immersed in water and the fan destroyed the fan is a standard 40 mm fan on a 2 pin connector and can easily and cheaply replaced, the main unit would not be damaged.

The unit has an internal magnetic programming ability with the magnet being in the lid of the product so as not to lose the magnet. The magnetic programmer can be used to simply select 1 of 5 battery type s to ensure you can charge the battery bank correctly ( AGM, sealed lead acid, open lead acid, calcium, and lifep04(lithium).

A unique option on the 16 amp Battery to battery version is the ability to remove the internal input voltage control regulation, this allows the unit to operate at much lower input voltages enabling a lot more power to be drawn down long cable lengths, Ideal for things like caravans where the large cable voltage drops would fundamental reduce the ability of the product to do its job to the maximum, this allows the unit to “pull” the cable voltage way down to about 8 volts (as opposed to 13,3 volts) to pull as much power as possible down the line (Warning : this option should only be used in conjunction with a ignition activated line feed from the vehicle, so that when the vehicle is switched off the product will no longer be able to feed from the starter battery, this should only be used when engine is on to avoid flattening the starter battery. This function is best suited for tow caravans only).

Fully adjustable for battery type and other functions.

Encapsulated electronics, fully waterproof.

Thermostatically controlled fan cooled for smaller footprint Fan not IP68, however designed to be easily replaced in the event of a failure.

Suggested uses

16 amp model (waterproof)

Applications for the 16 amp model include: Small outboard motors up to about 30 hp with magneto charging systems, small portable generators sets with 12 v auxiliary charging systems which are very ineffective, charging electric wheel chairs in transit, charging electric golf trolleys in the boot of cars, starter battery banks from larger main battery banks such as on a boat from a combi, charging caravan batteries via an aux power point on a car while car is driving along (charger about 20 times faster than normal) charging batteries up to about 80 amp hours.

30 amp model (waterproof)

Camper or work van with alternator up to about 60 amps auxiliary systems, larger marine outboards engines with alternators up to about 40 amps, Bow thrusters, anchor winch battery banks, battery banks up to about 150 amp hours.

60 amp model (waterproof)

Camper or work vans/ boats with alternator up to about 80 amps and battery banks  about 100-300 amp hours.

Remote control: diameter 52mm (optional extra)

Remote control allows access to all the relevant information, the panel comes complete with a 10 meter telephone type extension lead. The meter is in a standard 450 mm threaded housing. This is an optional product and is not required for the operation of the main products.

  • Input voltage from battery
  • Output voltage to battery
  • Input current to battery
  • Water proof display, encapsulated electronics
  • Screen colour change for alarm/charge/ok state
  • Battery and alternator temp reading
  • Buzzer alarm and override function
  • Information scroll option
  • Back light option
  • Little power consumption when on sleep
D/C Input voltage D/C output voltage Amps in Size L x W x D Weight Part nos
12 12 30 145 x 110 x 120 3 BBW1230
12 12 60 145 x 110 x 120 3 BBW1260
12 12 90 TBA BBW1290  
12 24 60 145 x 110 x 120 3 BBW122460
Remote control     52mm diameter   BBRCN

Battery to Battery Charger – waterproof and saltwater tested to IP68


  • includes 2 metres pre wired cables with fuses waterproof
  • no remote control option
D/C Input voltage D/C output voltage Amps in Size L x W x D Weight Part nos
12 12 30 230 x 135 x 65 3 BBW1220
12 24 30 230 x 135 x 65 3 BBW1224
12 36 25 230 x 135 x 65 3 BBW1236

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