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Waterproof Battery Chargers

ProSport 5 and 5/5 (10)

  • 12V 8A (2 outs)
  • 12V 12A (2 outs)
  • 12V 20A (2 outs)
  • 12V 20A (3 outs


Waterproof Float
Waterproof float
Pro Sport
ProSport 5 and 5.5 Aquanautic waterproof battery charger


1 amp ProSport
8-20 amp
ProSport PFC  
Y Y     Moulded plastic case
    Y Y Extruded aluminium housing
Y Y Y Y Fully encapsulated to meet toughest waterproofing standard (IP 68)
  Y Y Y Both positive and negative fully isolated, this enables the unit to charger 12 or 24V
  Y Y Y Adaptive charging ensures max charge in the batteries
    Y Y Lead acid / Gel battery selectable (except pro sport 5)
Y Y     Preset fixed non-selectable battery type for gel, sealed, AGM and open lead acid
Y Y Y Y Dynamic thermal output control
Y Y Y Y LED power and charge indicators
Y Y Y Y Built-in protection distributed-on-demand
  Y Y Y 3 stage charging curve
Y Y Y Y Pre-wired waterproof loom for easy installation
Y Y Y Y Pre fused and gold plated terminals
  Y Y Y 12 and 24 v application (except pro sport 5)
  Y Y Y 2-3 isolated outputs (except pro sport 5)
      Y 110 & 230 volt a/c auto (except pro sport 5)

Product information

Ideal for sport boats or equipment where the charger will be exposed to water washdown such as a power hose or petrol fumes such as petrol boats.

We recommend using waterproof battery chargers where the waterproof aspect is a priority. For all other applications we recommend our ProCharge, Small and ProDigital units which are lighter and have a superior performance.

Technical information

Pro Sport 5 and 5/5 water proof battery charger 230 v a/c 50 hz only

  • Pro sport 5 is 1 x 12 v 5 amp output
  • Pro Sport 5/5 is 2 x 12 v 5 amp totally isolated outputs, can be used as 1 x 12 v 10 amp, 2 x 12 v 5 amp, or 1 x 24 v 5 amp
  • Epoxy filled for waterproof and vibration proof aspects
  • Pre wired with 1.5 meters d/c and a/c cables
  • d/c cables pre fused and come with gold plated ring terminals ring
Voltage d/c Amps Outputs Size L x W x D mm Weight kg Part nos
12 5 1 75 x 150 x 65 2.5 PS125
12/24 12v 2 x 5 (1 x 24v x 5) or 12 V 1 X 10 amp 2 230 x 130 x 90 3.5 PS1255

Pro Sport Waterproof battery charger 230 v a/c hz only

DC volts Amps Outputs Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
12V 1 1x12V 60x60x60 0.5 121CE
12x24V 8 2x12V or 1x24V 170x180x65 3.6 PS1208
12x24V 12 2x12V or 1x24V 210x180x65 4.6 PS1212

Aquanautic PFC 110-2230 v auto

DC volts Outputs Amps Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
12 1 20 290 x 170 x 65 3.8 PSP12201
12 & 24 2 20 @ 12v 10 @ 24v 290 x 170 x 65 3.0 PSP12202
12 & 24 & 36 3 20@12v 10@24v 6@36v 290 x 170 x 65 3.2 PSP12203

Further information

Ordering information

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