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System Diagnostics

D/C Clamp Meter D/C voltage probe & diagnostic tool
Clamp on D/C meter D/C voltage probe & diagnostic tool
Wind-Up Volt Meter  
Wind-Up Volt Meter  

D/C Voltage Probe & Diagnostics Tool


  • Available in 12 and 24 volt versions

Product information

At first glance this low cost D/C voltmeter looks like any other one available anywhere, however, on close inspection you will see it is not. Standard voltage probes only go to 14 volts and are unable to inform you if the advanced charging cycle is in progress or a system has failed and is overcharging your system. The extra two LEDs re preset to give more useful information than the very limited standard ones. This is a Sterling product and is not available anywhere else.

D/C Clamp Meter

Electrical specification

  • D/C volage 0 – 200 volts overload protection 600V
  • A/C voltage 0 – 500 volts overload protection 600V
  • D/C current 0 – 200 amps overload protection 300A
  • A/C current 0 – 200 amps overload protection 300A
  • Resistance 0 -200 ohms overload protection 400V

Data hold function

  • A/C frequency response from 40 – 400 Hz
  • A/C speck tested on sine wave 50/60 Hz

Wind Up Multimeter

Do you ever find yourself needing a multimeter , which you know you have somewhere and when you find it the batteries are flat, well never again, this new product has no batteries so you can leave it as long as you like, simple wind the handle 2 times for about 2 mins use, winding for about 10 seconds will give about 10 minutes of use. The high quality extremely well equipped with all the features and functions required for general use.

General specifications

Display: 46 x 23mm large LCD display

Measurement: AC, ACA, DCV, DCA, ohms, continuity beeper, Hz %, capacitance, diode, data hold.

Range selection auto ranging with manual selecting

Data hold to freeze the display reading

Dimensions 152 x 78 x 45 mm

Weight 350 g

Includes Red and Black test leads plus instruction m

Electrical Specification

  • D/C voltage: Range Volts 400.0 my - 1000 v D/C; Accuracy +/- (1% + 3d); Input impedance 10 M ohm
  • D/C & A/C current: 10 A – 400 uA; Overload Protection Fuse
  • Ohms: 400-40 M ohm
  • Capacitance: 40nF-100 uF
  • Frequency: 4Hz-4MHz
  • Diode (forward voltage, VF); Range 4V DC; Test voltage 1.6 v DC; Test current 1 +/- 0.6 amps
  • Continuity beeper: beep if measured resistance less than 100 ohm; response time < 100 ms

Technical information

DC Volts Size Weight Code
12V 100 x 20 x 15mm 0.25kg TM12V
24V 100 x 20 x 15mm 0.25kg TM24V
Clamp 160 x 35 x 25mm 0.5kg CLAMP1
Wind Up Multimeter 152 x 78 x 45mm 0.35kg WUVM

Ordering information

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