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Power Management Panel

Power Management Panel 200 amp shunt
Power Management Panel 200 amp shunt


  • 4 x amps, 4 x volts and 1 x Amp Hour Counter Shunt Type (positive or negative shunts)

Product information

The latest software driven Power Management Panel is an extremely effective unit designed to monitor and display all the vital electrical information on an average boat. This enables important (potentially expensive) decisions to be made regarding faults and general on-board D/C electrical power management. The information obtained also helps any third party engineer to identify problems.

The operation of the panel is based on 100 mV shunts. Shunts enable all current measurement to take place remotely from the instrument clusters, thus removing all the voltage drop and R.F.I. problems associated with running heavy duty cables up to a control panel and navigation instruments.

The new panel has a built in amp hour counter on one channel and in total enables 4 different amp readings, 4 different volt readings and one amp hour counter. The shunts of the system can be fitted in negative or positive cables (unlike most others). The counter counts the amps going into and out of the battery system. The amp hour counter set up and function are completely automatic and requires no intervention from the user.

The background light ensures perfect legibility in daylight, direct sunlight and at night.

Each panel comes complete with a 200 amp shunt, (up to 3 extra shunts may be purchased) and a list of labels for the panel front.

The plastic box can either be surface or flush mounted by using the new parts.

  • Power Consumption = 0.5 ma off/0.7 ma on
  • Max readable current = 199 a D/C
  • Max display volts = 199 volt D/C
  • Safe to over 1000 amp surges
  • L.E.D. Background light.
  • Amp hour counter up to 7999 amps
  • Screen = 16 digit 2 line L.C.D.
  • Back light/switched
  • Accuracy = + or – 1%
  • Extra shunts available 200amp
  • Includes 1 stainless shunt

A 200 amp shunt is suitable for inverters up to about 2000 watts at 12 v / 4000 at 24 v. The 400 amp shunt is suitable for inverters up to about 4000 watts at 12 volts. The shunts have a very high instant load ability, i.e. 1000 amps to start a engine etc is no problem on either size.

Technical information

Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
170x90x40 0.5 PMP1
Extra shunt 200 amp S200A
Extra shunt 400 amp S400A

Further information

Ordering information

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