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Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers

ProSafe FS 30 ProSafe FS 30
ProSafe FS 60 ProSafe FS 60
50 amp Galvanic Isolator 50 amp Galvanic Isolator
30 amp Galvanic Isolator 30 amp Galvanic Isolator

Pro Safe FS


  • UL Certified 205007
  • ABYC A-28 July 2008 Compliant and Fail Safe Certified: certified by Underwriters Laboratories.(UL). Insures shore power safety ground wire is maintain through the isolator.
  • Flat Pack High Power Semiconductors: robust high power diodes allow the FS Series to meet the new FailSafe criteria for conducting inrush currents of 5000 amps for the required duration period.
  • Innovative design: the FS 60 will cool itself in the event it must conduct current insuring cooler operation in this mode.
  • Ignition protected: meets ISO 8846 and can be mounted within an engine compartment
  • Gold Plated Terminations

ProSafe FS installs easily and does not require a dedicated monitor to verify the operational status of the galvanic isolator as required by non FailSafe Certified galvanic isolators.

ProSafe FS 30 & 60 are built on robust FlatPack semiconductor platforms ensuring that in the event of a failure, the failure is safe by not compromising the ground continuity on-board when connected to AC Shore Power.

Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers


  • A 4-pin molex connection to enable the latest monitoring system to be connected either as a optional extra (in Europe) or a mandatory installation (for new boats going to the USA)
  • 24kt gold plated connectors to prevent corrosion on the earth terminals in the future.

Technical information

Amps Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
30A ProSafe FS 165x185x65 1.5 ZSFS30A
60A ProSafe FS 190x165x95 1.8 ZSFS60
50A 220x165x100 1.8 ZS50A
30A 220x120x100 1.4 ZS30N
Pro save monitor system only 1.8 PSM

Further information

ProSafe 30A Zinc Saver plus Monitoring System

ProSafe 30A Zinc saver plus Monitoring System

Product information

The complete kit comes with a 30 / 60 amp new ABYC Standard zinc saver plus a A B Y C Pro safe monitoring system to ensure total A B Y C compliance.

Technical information


Size (mm)


ZS 16 A 120x100x90 ZS16A

ZS 30 A



ZS 50 A



Further information

ProSave C

30-50 amp (European)

Looks the same as the Pro Save A except has a internal 25,000 uf 2.5 v capacitor to raise the performance of the unit in extreme a/c leakage conditions.

Amps Size mm Weight kg Part nos
30 220 x 120 x 100 1.5 ZS30C
50 220 x 165 x 100 1.8 ZS50C


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