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ProCharge N ProCharge N

Product information

Stylish and powerful, ProChargeN offers performance and flexibility for charging larger battery systems. An impressive list of features include automatic multi stage charging, battery temperature compensation, charge profile selection for 7 battery types, auto-ranging ac input (accepts 110V or 230V 50/60Hz) and output for three separate battery banks.

ProChargeN is also prepared for true parallel connection. A pair of identical models can be connected together to operate as one larger charger then with 6 outputs. One output from each unit can feed the main battery leaving 4 ways for start, thruster or communications battery banks for example.

Remote control paneA remote control panel is available as an optional extra that provides full control and instrumentation at a remote location. Also available as an option is a mounting 'A' frame that enables 2 units to be mounted in more compact dimensions. A parallel connection kit is available for running 2 units together as a pair.

DC Volts Amps Mains V Frequency Dimensions HxWxD mm Weight Code
12V 40 80-250V 40-400Hz 400 x 200 x 100 5Kg PCN1240
12V 50 80-250V 40-400Hz 400 x 200 x 100 5Kg PCN1250
12V 60 80-250V 40-400Hz 460 x 200 x 100 5Kg PCN1260
24V 35 80-250V 40-400Hz 460 x 200 x 100 5Kg PCN2435
Aluminium A frame for mounting 2 chargers 525 x 190 x 100 1Kg PCNA
Dual control box for connecting 2 units   0.1Kg PCND
Remote control panel and 10m lead 105 x 55 x 16 0.1Kg PCNR

Further information

  • ProCharge N Datasheet
  • ProCharge N Instruction Manual

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