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ProBudget – discontinued

PFC Portable Digital battery charger

This new portable charger range is now active PFC and has a power factor of 0.99 making it incredibly efficient, in the region of 89%, the adaptive, switch mode, 3 step, constant current, single output battery charger range is designed for use where only a single battery bank is to be charged. After the battery is charged the unit drops to a safe float voltage and will act as a power pack, safely delivering power to feed any on board power requirements up to the maximum current rating of the charger. Due to the reverse polarity protection feature of this unit, a battery with minimal charge level must be connected to the charger before it will activate, or become a power pack.

This charger is extremely compact, and is preset for use with open lead acid, sealed lead acid, gel, AGM or any battery where the charger voltage should not exceed 14.4 volts. (see charger voltage specification and performance below) This product is ideal for the vehicle/camper van market where only one output is required. This range offers all the features one would expect from the higher spec battery charger range but with lower cost.

Includes 1 metre d/c cables and battery clamps. Small 12 v 6 amp no charge L.E.D. only on or off all others include charge performance L.E.D.S comes complete with Euro and British plug set

Plug type Voltage a/c Voltage d/c Amps Size L x W x D Weight Part nos
British & Euro 90-250 12 6 190 x 70 x 50 0.65 PB126
British & Euro 90-250 12 12 165 x 100 x 50 0.8 PB1212
British & Euro 90-250 12 20 130 x 190 x 66 1.0 PB1220
British & Euro 90-250 24 6 165 x 100 x 50 0.8 PB246
British & Euro 90-250 24 10 130 x 190 x 66 1.0 PB2410

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