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Battery to Battery Charger Remote Control


  • Installation does not get any easier, simply connect to your starter batteries and to your domestic battery, job done, makes for easy and low cost installation.
  • No direct connections to the standard engine alternator, or to the outboard (if used on an outboard), thus on new installations there is no extra wiring for a split charger system.
  • Ensures the engine battery if maintained and well looked after.
  • Multiple units can be used, for example if you have a 60 amp alternator and 3 battery banks (engine, domestic and bow thruster) then 2 of these can be used to run the now thruster and the domestic system. Their internal programs will adjust their charger patterns to accept the other unit and ensure only the excess power is used and the primary system is not placed in jeopardy.
  • Ensures there is no voltage rise on the engine management system, to ensure no alarms or damage to the system be it an outboard, or a car, or a boat.
  • No vehicle warranty issues as you are not connected to the main system.

Technical information

DC volts in DC volt out Amps / in Other Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
12V 12V+ 200   200x270x70 2.5 BB12200
12V 12V+ 150   200x270x70 2.5 BB12100
12V 12V+ 100   200x270x70 2.5 BB12100
12V 12V+ 50   200x270x70 2.5 BB1250
24V 24V+ 100   200x270x70 2.5 BB24100
24V 24V+ 30   200x270x70 2.5 BB2450
12V 24V 50   200x270x70 2.5 BB122450
24V 12V 25   470x250x90 2.5 BB241230
12V 24V+ 40A wat/prof 180x140x70 2.0 BB122440W
12V 12V+ 40A wat/prof 180x140x70 2.0 BB121240W
Remote control 0.5 BBRC

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