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Battery-to-Battery Charger Information

On the surface this may look like another way of having an advanced regulator without wires (like the Alternator to Battery Charger) and in a way it is, however this method has a specific market in mind and like the advanced regulator and the voltage amplifier it has a very precise slot which it has been designed for and fits in there perfectly.

Why do I need the D/C battery charger?

By know I hope most people understand that the best way to charger a battery is using a 4 step battery charging curve (which cannot be achieved from a standard alternator). This system enables one to simply attach the unit to a standard engine battery and it will fool the alternator into working at its maximum ability, this will ensure all its surplus power is used to charger the auxiliary battery bank to its maximum. This system is designed to use only the surplus power and ensures that at all times the power required to run the primary system (the vehicle system or the boat engine) is not affected. The surplus power is converted into a higher voltage and used to charge a secondary battery bank using a digitally controlled programmable 4 step charging curve as per all the other high charge products Sterling makes.

What performance improvements would I expect?

In a nutshell it charges your extra battery system about 5 times faster than it would otherwise charger and puts about 100% extra use full power into them and increases the life of the battery by de-sulphating them.

For best effect use open lead acid batteries, avoid gel, sealed and AGM batteries. (See which is the best battery article in the FAQ section.)

How does it work?

The unit monitors the engine start battery, the unit will not start until the battery voltage exceeds 13 volts, then it waits for 2.5 minutes to ensure that some charger is replaced after engine start, it then pulls the engine battery down to no less than 13 volts, this enables the engine battery to still receive a charge and ensures the alternator works at its full potential to further ensure the engine battery is OK.

Other features included in this system include remote control option, alternator temp sensing, battery temp sensing, ignition feed (if required), automatic start and shutdown. Its extra features and charging curves (software program) are very similar to the alternator to battery charger.

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