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Digital Advanced Alternator Regulator – PDARAlternators

Universal Advanced Digital Regulator


  • 4 step Alternator Regulator with temperature sensor

Product information

Sterling Power Products regards itself as one of, if not the, foremost authority in this field in the world. A simple run through of all the features and technology used in the Sterling device against our competitors should be enable you to make a clear choice, when you check our Quick Check List, then the price should clinch the deal.

Technical information

DC volts Size (mm) Weight (kg) Code
12V/24V 180x90x55 0.5 PDAR

High Amperage Alternators

  • With or without advanced alternator regulator
  • Good low rpm performance

12V 145 amp

  12V 145 amp
    12V 145 amp

Technical information

AI12140 12V 140 amp alt with standard reg
AL12140PDAR 12V 140 amp alt with digital advanced reg

24V 140 amp

12V 145 amp   12V 145 amp
24V 140 amp   24V 140 amp

Technical information

AI24150 24V 150 amp alt with standard reg
AL24150PDAR 24V 150 amp with digital advanced reg

Further information

Ordering information

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