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The Benefits of Sine Wave

The problems

  • Some of this equipment has a special power requirement, not only do they need sine wave, but more important is that it must be low frequency generated sine wave (transformer based and not switch mode). Switch mode sine wave can interfere with some of the more specialised hi fi equipment currently in use today, causing a hiss or buzz in the background. In some cases teletext on some TVs do not work on standard sine wave inverters.
  • Obviously all this new kit is design to be run from the home where the mains power is on all the time, however when this is put on a vehicle or boat where the mains power is constantly being switched between shore power, generator and inverters, THIS RESULTS IN THE LOSS OF PRESET PROGRAMS AND ANY CLOCKS ETC ON THE SYSTEMS.

The solution

A toroidal transformer, low frequency generated sine wave inverters offers the best sine wave to run this type of sensitive systems, the hi fi and satellite systems being the most susceptible to R.F.I. and on line interference.

All the entertainment equipment could be connected to this box, when the mains is on then the mains runs the equipment. The unit will automatically switch between the mains/generator and the inverter. WITH NO LOSS OF OPERATION ON THE EQUIPMENT, THUS KEEPING ALL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM PRESETS.

For maximum safety, this unit has its own built-in earth leak detector and will disconnect itself in the event of a overload or a earth ground fault.

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