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Automatic Power Selector SwitchFeatures

  • 3 input 32 amp 110/230V a/c auto selector with remote control
  • Generator: up to 8000 Watt continuous 32 amp 230 volt a/c, fused, or other source
  • Inverter: up to 8000 Watt continuous 32 amp 230 volt a/c, fused or other source
  • Shore Supply: up to 8000 Watt continuous 32 amp 230 volt a/c, fused, or other source
  • Boat/vehicle electrics: the new simple power selector offers many new features not available on the older 16amp crossover switch, due to its digital control system.
  • 40 amp internal contactors: switches live and neutral with a 0.25 sec time delay between switch off and on to prevent wave doubling of the voltage and destroying sensitive equipment.
  • Multiple internal power sources: the system powers itself from each attached power supply; and not from the boats/vehicles D/C system. This is to ensure the system will work even if your batteries are flat. There is no point having an a/c selector switch powered from the D/C system, because if the D/C system fails then you cannot switch the system on to charge the batteries. The Sterling system obtains its control power from each input source, so preventing this problem.
  • Sequential switching: the unit has a simple operation mode; channel 1 is the priority, then channel 2, then 3. In other words if you allocate the inverter to channel 3 then plug in the shore power on channel 1, the switch will automatically switch the system to the shore power etc.
  • Lock out circuit: it is assumed that channel 3 would be your inverter (it could be another power supply depending on how you wire the system up). With a lower power inverter you may not wish your immersion heater or battery charger to work when the inverter is on line; so connected to this circuit is a small relay which can break the control circuit on an external contactor /relay block. This then allows you to wire the battery charger and immersion heater to a separate contactor block, preventing these items being on line when the inverter is operational.
  • Remote control: the remote control will tell you which circuit is the current power circuit; and if the light is flashing, then it will also show if power is available on another circuit. There is also a fault light.
  • Faults / Reverse polarity check: the unit will show if there is a reverse polarity on channel ‘A’ which is assumed to be the shore supply system.
  • Internal fuses: the control box has 6 internal fuses; one on each live and neutral, so that even in the event of a reverse polarity the neutral line is also fused for safety reasons.
  • Remote on/off: this switch enables the shore power to be switched off (the priority circuit) in the event of the shore power not being powerful enough to do a specific job, for example if your shore power was limited to say 5 amps (about 1.2 kW) but your immersion heater/washing machine may be 3000 watt, you may wish to shut down the shore supply and allow the more powerful inverter or an onboard generator to do the job.
  • 230 v or 110 volt: or a mixture of each can be used at the same time, ensuring operation in all the world’s different power supply conditions.
  • Other features: includes a 10 second time delay on the generator line to allow generator start up.

Technical information

230/110 v 32 amp auto crossover switch AC32A
230 v 20 amp contactor relay (optional) CON1

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